Eight Relational Values

1. Non-negotiable love

Love never fails, never gives up. Non-negotiable love is being the best expression of Christ to another human being. Putting love first and last in every situation keeps us in the abiding Presence of God. Non-negotiable love can heal and seal every problem that may occur in any relationship.


2. Relationships of Openness and Honesty

Relationships of openness and honesty allow us to drop the mask and the image we unconsciously present to the world.  In this way we live in conscious freedom and joy before others as we do before God.  “Speaking the truth in love, we will in all things grow up into Him who is the head, that is, Christ.” (Ephesians 4:15).


3. Believing the Best

It is impossible to grow in relationships when living in an atmosphere of disapproval. Believing the best about people is not about ignoring their faults but about recognising that everyone wants to change and be like Jesus. We are always a work in progress and therefore deserving of mercy, grace and love. Whenever we see Christ in one another, He is present! Love hopes all things, believes all things, and endures all things.


4. Always Declare Your Commitment

Declaring your commitment to others is the best way of understanding and receiving God’s commitment to you. Scripture is God’s declaration of commitment to humanity. His whole heart is in His word to us. When you declare your commitment, your heart follows your involvement.


5. Truth Wrapped in Love, Preceded by Grace

Jesus was full of truth and grace, justice and Mercy. Truth is not just about being right, but also about doing right. Truth given without compassion and love may destroy someone’s world. This is your opportunity to win someone’s heart to a greater love in Christ. When acceptance and truth combine with loving kindness…people are made whole.


6. Character Before Gifting

We need to live in the balance of pursuing both the gifts and the fruit of the Spirit. Not valuing character will diminish your gifting. When your progress in godliness is visible, your trustworthiness will increase and your anointing will expand. Evidence of the fruit of the Spirit in our lives is foundational to the proper functioning of the gifts of the Spirit.


7. Give and It Shall Be Given

If God can pass it through you, He will give it to you. You only get to keep what you are willing to give away.


8. Stewardship Not Ownership

God owns everything, we are only temporary stewards. Stewardship is the intentional pursuit of God to involve Him in everything…the Holy Spirit ruling your life with your full cooperation.