Healing Rooms

Do you need a miracle in your body?

We are open Saturdays, 10.00am–12.00pm @ Unit 5 / 22 Gibberd Rd, Balcatta

What are Healing Rooms?

Healing Rooms are ministries planted in a local community that are open regular times of the week where anyone can come to encounter the healing power of Jesus. Healing Rooms is an extraordinary vehicle for the love of God to be expressed through a powerful presentation of His power. Healing Rooms team members regularly see God do miraculous things. They learn to listen and recognise the way God communicates and then they see how He expresses His love as He heals.

The experience team members gain in Healing Rooms equips them for greater boldness and effectiveness for the Kingdom of God outside the context of Healing Rooms. They become so excited that they can’t help but minister the power of god in the local church, in shopping centres, banks, schools and in their workplaces. Maybe you have been asking the Lord to show you how you can be used in an exciting, fruitful ministry that will impact and transform people’s lives? Healing Rooms is for people just like you!

Healing Rooms resources the local church as a hub of healing that radiates out into the local community. It also becomes a place of unity where people of all denominations come to minister and receive healing. When the church body is healed, they in turn heal the community around them. As word gets out that people are being healed, it becomes a place for people to meet the Healer.

Opening at the same time on set days of the week means that everyone (team and visitors alike) know that ministry is always available and people can plan to be there.

Balcatta Healing Rooms

Anyone can come requesting healing for any physical, emotional or spiritual condition in a loving environment. No appointment is required so just turn up and there is no cost as it’s free. A team prays for you for healing and it generally goes for 20 minutes. Set up a bit like a medical centre with reception, waiting and “Healing Rooms”, we operate in teams of three in the most gentle and safe environment. Team members see people’s lives transformed every week as they are set free from sickness and injury.

Jesus is still willing and able to heal today! Take encouragement from His words when He said to the sick man who came to Him:

I am willing to heal you. – Matthew 8:1–4

Jesus sent His disciples to do the works He did and so we know He is willing to heal now. However, the enemy is determined to stop the good works of God and he will do all he can to discourage you when you leave after having this ministry. But remember, God sent Jesus to destroy the works of the devil. We read in the scriptures:

Jesus went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because God was with Him. 
– Acts 10:38

If you need a miracle in your body, come visit us at Churchlands. For further information, contact the Church Office