Passing on the Baton

Passing on the Baton by John W McElroy


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With the curpotb-bookse of lawlessness on the increase and a culture steeped in selfishness, the Church is losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation. Something has got to change! God is pouring out grace to release spiritual fathers and mothers into the Body of Christ. These are ordinary men and women who are willing to build into spiritual sons and daughters and model a ‘counter culture’ of selflessness. Their goal is to see the testimony of Jesus passed from generation to generation. Join those who have a vision of the church as family, who see beyond their own needs and desires, and who refuse to take their mantles to the grave!

John McElroy is a man with a passion to see “heaven on earth”… He skillfully takes us through numerous relational scenarios, each of which must be radically practiced if we are to see the Presence of God in our midst. – Graham Cooke

In life there are pioneers and builders. Rarely do we find individuals who are both reaching for the frontiers of God’s glory while also establishing foundational and relational order. John McElroy is one such man, and his book “Passing On the Baton” provides groundbreaking truth for out times. – Francis Frangipane


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