Pastoral Care and Counselling

Pastoral Care

Do you need pastoral care? At Churchlands we want to make sure that people are cared for and spiritually nurtured. If you or anyone you know needs pastoral care, we’re here to help.

We have Home Groups that worship, study, enjoy fellowship over food, pray and pastorally care for each other. However we realise that some people are not yet in a Home Group or have a need greater than the Home Group can meet. We have a Pastoral Care Team that can help you, either by helping you to connect into the right Group or by meeting with you one on one.

Please contact us at the church office or email reception@churchlands.org.au and we will be in touch.


Churchlands offers a counselling service for its members on Tuesdays at a cost of $40 per hour (payable at the time of the appointment to the counsellor).

Please contact Diane Kerridge on 0413 569 410 or dikerridge@optusnet.com.au to make your appointment.